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Whether with individuals or teams, Mary focuses on purpose. What are we made for? What matters to us? Being deeply aware of our personal purpose brings out the best in us and activates our best energies for deep and significant contributions.



Executives and Entrepreneurs

We know what got us here won’t get us there. The challenge is getting a bird’s eye view and identifying what you can do to increase your impact. Working with Mary as your coach you will identify what needs to happen and begin seeing amazing results.

Emerging Leaders

Mary works with CEO’s and the organization’s emerging talent to develop powerful leadership that will carry the company beyond its current performance. Emerging leaders will gain confidence, strengthen their ability to lead and inspire, and bring their own creativity to the organization’s success.

Individuals REady for More

When you find yourself wondering, “what if..” you might be ready for coaching. Feeling stuck is a good place to be; it’s a clear sign that something more is waiting for you. Coaching will help you discover what your next more is and help you get there.

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Mary works with leaders who know that the alignment of strategy and culture is key to achieving success. Your strategy must be laser-focused on your organization’s purpose and business goals. Likewise, your company’s culture and internal systems need to support your strategy.

Mary helps you identify your blind spots and dismantle roadblocks. Organizational transformation requires openness, systems thinking, and risk-free exploration, all while appreciating your organization’s strengths and successes.


Mary is a seasoned facilitator who inspires creativity and innovation by helping teams focus and communicate. Through highly interactive sessions, she artfully guides you to address specific needs, have tough discussions, get input from key stakeholders, and find solutions.

Her experience working with national and regional organizations means that Mary is adept at unifying groups around a common thought or planning process even when participants are scattered. Ultimately, the goal of professional facilitation is to ensure that your participants are focused and achieve the desired result.  

Mary offers facilitation services for:

— Organizations —
— Small Teams —
— Meetings and Off-Site Team Retreats —

Non-Profit Consulting

In addition to her expertise as an executive and team coach and consultant in multiple industries, Mary has broad and deep experience in the nonprofit sector.  During this time of unprecedented challenge, Mary understands the unique needs of nonprofit leaders as they navigate and adapt to the changing needs of clients, workforce, volunteers and funders.  From assessment to strategy development and execution, she is well prepared and welcomes the opportunity to partner with nonprofit leaders to help strengthen capacity for achieving mission results by:

  • Conducting meaningful organizational assessments
  • Guiding teams through strategy development
  • Focusing on alignment of culture with strategy; and
  • Coaching individuals and teams to lead organization transformation

Additionally, Mary has a strong track record in the role of interim CEO who can help organizations maintain momentum and direction during times of leadership transition.


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